Monday, January 25, 2010

P.I.E.S (Physical Intellectual Emotional Social)

1. Laptop bag:

P - Big enough to fit a laptop & light enough to bring around comfortably.
I - Has a sleeve to carry around on shoulder comfortably.
S - Black color so that will not stand out and not attract attention.

2. A album of notes from all over the world in present and past:

P - Organized enough to put all the notes in a neat order.
I - has rows inside so that can put notes in it easily and neatly.
E - Contains some money that ancient people used.
S - Album looks very old which makes people quite curious when they see it.

3.MRT Station:

P - It is spacious to hold many people.
I - It is very clean.
S - I tis high, so it stands out a little bit.

4.Watching a movie:

P - It has comfortable seats to enjoy the movie, especially the gold class.
I - The seats are arranged in a way that everybody should be able to see the movie.
S - It is usually crowded, which should attract curious people to see the movie updates.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Understanding 'Research' (part 1)

To me research is finding out information on a particular subject through all sorts of ways like reading books, going to internet or others. Research is very important as it helps us to find out information for our project or presentation or other stuff. Researching is important to scientist too for them to discover new things. We can make a good research by finding information from various number of sources to ensure that the information is reliable.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1:Personal Reflection

To me, ADMT is art where by you use technology. ADMT is important as it gives us "life" into reality. The skills that I want to learn in ADMT is sketching well enough to be lively and nice. This is the picture I sketched. It would probably look like this without ADMT.

The picture is a plain coconut tree. there is no amusement in it, no"liveliness".