Monday, January 25, 2010

P.I.E.S (Physical Intellectual Emotional Social)

1. Laptop bag:

P - Big enough to fit a laptop & light enough to bring around comfortably.
I - Has a sleeve to carry around on shoulder comfortably.
S - Black color so that will not stand out and not attract attention.

2. A album of notes from all over the world in present and past:

P - Organized enough to put all the notes in a neat order.
I - has rows inside so that can put notes in it easily and neatly.
E - Contains some money that ancient people used.
S - Album looks very old which makes people quite curious when they see it.

3.MRT Station:

P - It is spacious to hold many people.
I - It is very clean.
S - I tis high, so it stands out a little bit.

4.Watching a movie:

P - It has comfortable seats to enjoy the movie, especially the gold class.
I - The seats are arranged in a way that everybody should be able to see the movie.
S - It is usually crowded, which should attract curious people to see the movie updates.

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