Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Personal Reflection (NEWater visit)

We went to the Newater Plant. It was exactly the same as the trip there when I was in Primary 6. So almost everything was something I knew, except some things which I had forgotten. Lets act as if today is my first time there.

I learned that there are the "4 national taps". They stand for water catchment, imported water, desalinated water and recycled water. They help to maintain the water needed in Singapore. NEWater is too clean to be drank, so it is used mainly for industrial purposes (90%). The remaining 10% is put into thee reservoir to mix with the other water for minerals. NEWater is a treatment plant that is a very famous one among the world. We should never ever waste water as it is very precious. Water is never sufficient, so we must use them wisely. The NEWater uses some strong light to kill any remaining bacteria that might have passed through. Rather be safe than sorry. I find that our pooped water actually could turn into ultra clean. I can only use the amount of water that is necessary to conserve water and not litter to not pollute the water.

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